Fans of Mahn Robert Ba Zan

Mahn served Karen 2014

CO Closing ceremony-3
Dear Patriotic Karen around the world,

I send the photos that I serve our beloved people from (May to November),2014.
As a  Karen and second generation of Mahn BaZan I'll serve Karen until my last breath. My goal is: Solidarity among Karen armed group that protect our Karen lives, Karen land and to achieve Karen self-determination.  Please come back to Karen land and serve. Support (KAF) with all your heart that the barbarous Burmese military afraid. Please see attach files.

God bless Karen people.

Servant of Karen people.

CO Closing ceremony-5

CO Closing ceremony-8

Dawna University teachers visited CO Training (COT) Camp.

CO Opening-6

CO Opening-5

Dr. Aea from ASIAN Forum visit COT camp

Gen. Kyaw Thet, Col. San Aung and Col. Tiger visited COT camp-A

Gen. Taing Gyaw (Bo Bee), Mahn and Pu Norway.

Mahn & Mya-B

Mahn at 10th Karen Unity Seminar-B

Mahn and DKBA Col. San Aung at COT camp.

Mahn and 6th Karen New Generation Students

Mahn & Mya-C

Mahn Ba Zan Family.

Mahn gave lecture COT camp

Mahn gave speech at 10th Karen Unity Seminar.

Mahn visited Mu Aye Pu Elememtary school.

Mahn visited Oo Kri Kee school children-1.

Mahn visited Oo Kri Kee school children-2
Thara Htoo Naw & his comrades


Mahn with DKBA Comrades

Mahn with Gen. Naw Kapaw Htoo-(PC)

Add captionMahn with CO comrades.

Mahn, Gen. Maung Htin and Monk Rumbo.

Mahn with DKBA comrades.

Mahn with Col. Nay Soe Mya, Maj. Kyi Lin and Gen. Taing Gyaw (Boo Bee)

Mahn with CO comrades.

Mahn with brothers and sisters  at Hto Kaw Koo Karen Martyr's Day.

Mahn with Arakan Army comrades.


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